Friday, December 11, 2015

Video Streaming QOE to Reach ~$500 Million by 2020

Daily consumption of High definition videos, uninterrupted IP video delivery continues to grow, which needs to have tools to make ensure quality levels. While Quality of Experience (QOE)/ QOS indexes are most widely utilized in video delivery. These matrixes are used to validate how users perceive towards the specific technology and their usage behaviors.
Everyday video consumption growing and current infrastructure is not capable to support it, so underplaying Content delivery networks, have been forced to scale to keep up; even with best scaling algorithms or best available Hardware’s, single CDN architecture is not enough for current video usage. As 4K, 8K and now 11K ( ) and higher bitrates become more commonplace.
This continuous momentum will affect even small operators. The increasing shift Dynamic CDN architectures to better handle this network load goes hand in hand with QoE and QOS;
Dynamic CDN setups can be handed by a big telecom giant and sometimes in a singular product. Mobile networks will also add valuable points, with an estimated 150,000+ petabytes of mobile video streaming usage predicted in 2019, the importance of mobile network optimization and QoE will continue to affect a majority of viewers.
Irrespective of mobile video streaming or traditional telecom providers service providers are primarily focused on minimizing the Quality of experience, which can reduce content delivery on mobile devices without any unwanted delay. Number of new innovations added around Congestion detection, Congestion minimization, Congestion elimination, Dynamic Bandwidth shaping, effective network topologies etc. and many more Biggest challenge for telecom operators to reduce the RTT delivery.

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