Friday, October 10, 2014

Saguna and Akamai Showcase the First CDN Operating from the Mobile Base Station

· first Content Delivery Network (CDN) that operates from within the Mobile Base Station.

· This new class of CDNs leverages real-time radio congestion monitoring and proximity to mobile users to deliver superior user experience, new monetization opportunities and improved network economics.

· Getting content as close as possible to the mobile user is crucial to reducing round-trip-time (RTT) and making accurate performance tuning decisions, in order to improve the mobile Internet user experience.

· Radio network edge placement, in concert with the CDN serving the content, is especially beneficial when trying to optimize HTTPS content, since this type of content cannot be cached or optimized inside the

mobile network using standard “transparent” caching methods or optimization techniques.

Its seems that they are just a caching solution which sit at RAN level – so they can be faster than a CDN sitting in core and not doing compression/video optimization etc.

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