Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SDN, NFV Deployments,Cloud, BigData in Top Technology trends for 2014

Top Technology trends we should watch for in early 2014.  Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking will see an increase in terms of deployments, while Cloud-based (new tern open-cloud)services will continue to rise and Big Data will experience exponential growth.

Big Values in 2014

1) Network Functions Virtualization and Software-Defined "Everything" Will Gain Momentum: Globally, and specifically in Asia-Pacific and Japan, exploration of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and software-defined technologies (network, virtualization, data center, storage and infrastructure) will evolve from being simply "research," and enterprises -- particularly in the service provider space -- will begin to roll out production deployments. 

2) Trimming the so called heavily loaded Data Centers and Cloud Architectures: Technology disruptions are forcing us to fundamentally rethink how networks should be architectured, designed, deployed and operated in data centers. Networks are more critical than ever to deliver applications, and we believe fabrics will play a pivotal role to accelerate this transformation -- with drastic improvements in network efficiency, resource utilization and performance.

3) Open/Personal Clouds Loom Large: According to Gartner, the push for more personal cloud technologies will lead to a shift toward services and away from devices.  

4) The Internet Revolution Continues Unabated: Robert Metcalfe, the inventor of Ethernet, states that the power of a network increases by the square of the number of nodes connected to it. 

5) Big Data Becomes Too Big to Handle: BYOD and the explosion of data (especially video content) are causing many new challenges as the amount of data becomes too big to handle in terms of getting value from it and in defining a strategy. 

6) Gamification in the enterprise
Mobile app developers and Web developers have already incorporated game mechanic elements into their experiences. For instance, billion dollar real-time traffic app Waze has a strong gamification element. Users receive points, recognition and rewards for proper usage. Expect the same in the enterprise in 2014. Springshot, a West Coast-based startup, is developing a mobile gamification solution for the aviation industry. Companies like Spotify have already introduced gamification to replace annual reviews. Instead, employees use a Web application that provides weekly and daily summaries of their accomplishments, acknowledgements, and overall productivity.

7) Real-time mobile targeting
With the continual evolution of smartphones, 2014 will see mobile technology take new forms as it becomes a central tool for business’ marketing and advertising strategies

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